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Nokia Security Code Reset

How to Reset Forgotten Nokia Security Code

This post discus about couple of methods that you can use to reset your Nokia phone’s security code. Some calls it ‘Lock Code’ or ‘PIN’. Whatever it is, let’s reset it.

Every Nokia phone comes with default code 12345. If you care about security of your phone or personal information like contacts, photos or anything important that you put on your handset, this code can be essential. You can set your phone to lock on SIM card changes. You can also use this code on your key guard. However, some models may not support this feature. In that case you can use mobile anti-virus software to enable it.

So it’s important change default code & uses it for security. But lots of people tend to forget this code because they don’t use it so often. And once forgotten Nokia won’t help you to recover it. That’s where is post comes in to action. I’ll list couple of methods to reset it below.

Use Nokia ‘Hard Reset’ to Reset Security Code

This is not same as factory settings found on phone settings. As name suggests it’s a hard reset & very hard to execute with two hands:).

Note: This will delete everything on your phone memory. So if you have access to phone (Phone is not locked), Please backup data. And also make sure phone battery is full before performing hard reset. tjosm.com is not responsible for any data lose.

Ensuring phone is turned off, press & hold below 3 keys simultaneously,

  • For classic style phones
Call key + Asterisk key (*) + Number Three (3)
  • For full Touch Phones
Call key + End key + Camera-capture key
  • For Touch Phones with Qwerty keyboard
  • For SYMBIAN^3 phones (Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, X7, E6)
Volume Down Key + Camera Key + Menu Key

Ensuring that above keys are being pressed, Press & hold Power button until you see message “Formatting” on your screen. Release all keys & wait for formatting to be completed. Once completed, Phone is like just out of the box. Not physically though. Most importantly, your security code is now reset to default. Which means 12345

Recover Nokia Security Code with NSS

This method won’t reset your security code. It’ll read code as it is. Pretty dangerous huh? That’s why Nokia seems to be blocking this feature with firmware updates. There is a possibility that this method won’t work with your phone. But it’s worth giving it a try before going to Hard Reset since it won’t delete anything on your phone.

  • Download & install Nemesis Service suite (NSS). Do not install it on C: drive. It has permission issues on C. I’ll go with D.
  • Connect your phone to computer using Ovi Suite or PC Suite mode. Close Ovi/PC suite if launched automatically. We don’t need it.
  • Open Nemesis Service suite (NSS)
  • Click on scan for new devices button (top right hand side)
  • Click on phone info button
  • Click on Scan
  • Select Permanent Memory
  • Click on Read

Now it’ll read your phone’s permanent memory and save it on your computer. Browse Nemesis Service suite (NSS) installation directory & go to D:NSSBackuppm. In that folder you’ll see a file named {YourPhone’sIMEI}.pm. Right click on it & open with notepad. Now search [308] within that file. On the 5th record (5=) under [308] tag you’ll see your password like this 5=31323334350000000000. Remove all 3’s & 0’s from that line like I highlighted above to get your security code. So your security code is 12345.

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  1. Hi Tharindu,

    many thanks for your tutorial. Unfortunately I’ve followed your suggestions, but I had no chances to get my phone working. My model is an old 1280 where I changed the security code without noting it.
    Could you help me in some way?

  2. Hi Tharindu,

    many thanks for your tutorial. Unfortunately I’ve followed your suggestions, but I had no chances to get my phone working. My model is an old 1280 where I changed the security code without noting it.
    Could you help me in some way?

  3. Hi Tharindu,

    many thanks for your tutorial. Unfortunately I’ve followed your suggestions, but I had no chances to get my phone working. My model is an old 1280 where I changed the security code without noting it.
    Could you help me in some way?

  4. Hi Tharindu,

    many thanks for your tutorial. Unfortunately I’ve followed your suggestions, but I had no chances to get my phone working. My model is an old 1280 where I changed the security code without noting it.
    Could you help me in some way?

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  15. Hi Tharindu, thanks for this great post. I really need your help on how to unlock my Nokia 107 Dual sim Phone. The IMEIs are: 353068062316161 and 353068062316179 for sims 1 and 2 respectively. Kindly help me forward the unlock details to my mail please. Regards, Emmanuel E. Sulai

  16. Hy Tharindu. i have a nokia c7 00 and its locked and i dont have a security code of my phone.I dont know why this happend i have never changed or used that security code.I try to type the 12345 and 0000 but it doesent work.also i tried to conect with nss and it does not conect.with other phone it conects.Is there any other option?

    Thank you,


    • Did you try pressing Volume down + Camera + Home + POWER ON to hard rest your c7? It’ll delete all content from your phone. Use at your own risk!

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    –>0 file(s) found.
    –>Please copy the loaders first!
    ->Products Dir(‘products’)…….Not Found.

  49. Hi, I hv a classic nokia 1800 Type RM-653. Got it second hand. I got a new prepaid sim card. I tried to set a PIN Code, but got rejected. It wasn’t 1234 or 12345. I HAVE THE PUK Code, so it is not a stolen sim. It’s an old phone too, not stolen too.

    After I entered the PUK code, it asks me for the PIN again. I tried different combos. I read the SIM card will be invalid after 10 consecutive tries of incorrect PUK code. I tried to hard reset the phone like you described too, but it still asked for the PIN code. Then message “SIM CARD REJECTED”. WHy? But I have the PUK code.

    I just wanted to set a number code for the phone. Can you help me? Thanks!

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