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Prosper202 is a free ad campaign tracking software. You can learn how to install and use it with our step by step video guides.

Prosper202 Tutorial: Landing Page Setup

Landing page setup is an optional step in Prosper202 campaign setup process. If you’re direct linking offers, you don’t need to go through with this step. But however if you’ve decided to have your own landing pages, you can use Prosper202 to track them as well. Let’s see how to …

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Prosper202 Tutorial: Categories and Campaigns

Setting up categories and campaigns are important parts of Prosper202 tracking process. It helps you to filer clicks or conversions by affiliate network, niche or your ad copy. Setting up category and campaign is extremely easy. I’ll show how to do it on this post. Did you like this?Tip Tharindu …

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Prosper202 Tutorial: Traffic Sources and Pixels


Adding your traffic source and pixel to Prosper202 is the first step in configuring an ad campaign on Prosper202. You can add as many as traffic sources you want. You can optionally add a conversion pixel for each traffic source; which you can obtain from the traffic source itself. Let’s …

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