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Galaxy SIII Battery Case

Best Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3

SGS3 has one of the best battery life I’ve ever seen on any smart phone. It lasts 30 days on standby on 3G network. I almost can’t believe it. It also has 11 hours of talk time on 3G. But still some of you guys would want to extend your battery life. Well you’re at right place. I’m going to list best Samsung Galaxy S3 battery cases on this page.

There are few ways you can extend your battery life. Some are free methods like using fewer apps, turning off data connection or using some battery saver apps. But I hate turning these features off. Those are the reason we go for a smart phone right? So what’s the point of not using them? There must be a way to extend battery life without losing all that fun right?

Yes there is. You can use an extended battery. Or even better, you can use a case that has a built-in battery. Although it adds some bulk, it’s the easiest way to extend your battery life. You don’t have to carry separate gadgets or separately charge phone and an extra battery. You can have peace of mind and use your SGS3 as you do every day, but of course with an extended battery life. So below are the best battery cases available for Samsung Galaxy Siii.

Mophie 2200 Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Mophie-2200-sgs3Mophie 2200 is the most complete battery case out there for Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s the most expensive case as well. It gives best protection to your SGS3 while giving 2300mAh of backup power. That equals to 6 hours of additional talk time and 36 hours of music play back. Its design is very close to original Galaxy S3 finish and has the rubberized soft finishing on it. There is a 4 level LED indicator on the back of the case to let you know how much power left on your case. It also comes in white.8

Xpal Power PowerSkin Protective Case with Built-in Battery for SGS3

Powerskin Protective CasePowerSkin battery case for SGS3 doubles the battery life of your phone while giving decent protection against shocks and drops. It has a stylish design and silicon rubber finish on it. There are LED light to show current charge of case. PowerSkin is XPAL Powered, meaning it’s charged by patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. It features a power on/off button so you can easily turn on/off extra power.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh Extended Battery with Back Cover

Hyperion Extended BatteryHyperion is slightly different from other two cases in this list. It’s a 2 piece product where battery and case comes separately. It’s a replacement battery for your SGS3 with extra power. It bundles 4200mAh juice inside it. That’s more than double of the battery life of your phone. It comes with hard case back cover and available in many colors. It comes with NFC and backed by 90 day money back guarantee. It also is the cheaper option. Battery and cases are available to purchase separately.

There’s not much battery case products available on the market right now. Probably because of the extremely good battery life SGS3 original battery has. But anyways these are the best battery cases available for SGS3.

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