If you see PIN Blocked, Enter PUK Code on your Nokia screen, it simply means that it’s time for you to start searching for your PUK code. Since you’re already on this page, I’m sure that you don’t have a clue about what PUK code means. Let’s me explain it to you and possibly unlock your phone.

Although it may sound series, it’s actually not. You’ll realize how easy it is to fix it when you finish reading rest of this article. I’ve been in this situation few years back and I learnt it the hard way. Consider yourself lucky if you’re here before doing anything silly.

When I first face this situation, I also didn’t have a clue of what PUK code is. I though it must be something related to phone. But it’s not. I tried hard resetting my Nokia Phone which supposed to reset my phone’s security code. But it didn’t work. As I said before, PUK code has nothing to do with your phone.

The reason hard resetting won’t work is that the PIN code is already blocked. When PIN code blocked, it goes to network level. I consider this as an excellent security feature. And not to be mistaken, this feature is not limited to Nokia devices. Almost all brands out there have it. And there’s only one way you can fix this, it’s by entering correct PUK code.

I have posted a tutorial on how to reset forgotten Nokia security code earlier this year. It should work when your PIN is not blocked. Once it’s blocked (After 3 unsuccessful attempts, I guess?) It goes to network level. Doesn’t matter how many times you reset your phone. It’ll keep asking for PUK code. And remember, resetting will still drop everything on your phone.

And if you restart your device without SIM card, it won’t ask you for PUK code. You can access your contacts and all other content on your phone. But you won’t be able to change or access the security settings of your phone. When you insert your SIM again, it’ll again ask you for PUK code.

So how to Fix it?

As I said before, fixing this is very simple. You just have to enter correct PUK code. PUK code is usually printed on your SIM cards holder. If it’s not there, it must be on something that came with the SIM when you brought it. I hope you still have it with you. And if you don’t, don’t worry. You can still get it from your network provider.

Yes, you have to call your network provider’s hotline and ask them for your PUK code. They have it and they are more than happy to give it to you after an ID verification process. Its PUK2 code they don’t like to give you. PUK2 is another topic. Let’s just forget it for now. Write down your PUK code somewhere you can remember. You may need it again if you forget your PIN again.

Entering correct PUK code will give you option to change your phone’s PIN code. Set a new PIN code for your phone and make sure you remember it. Everything should back to normal now.

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