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How to reset zPanel admin password from command line

The administrative user of zPanel hosting control panel is called zadmin. The password for the account is created while the installation and it’s displayed on-screen after the zPanel installation. If you missed it or have forgotten your password, this page will help you reset it.

I’ve been working with zPanel for few weeks now. Although I personally prefer Virtualmin, one of my clients requested zPanel as control panel. And by far I don’t have anything against it. It has a very easy to understand UI.

Back to the topic, we were trying to reset zadmin password. There may be many reasons why you would want to reset it. But I also like to point out that you can also view zadmin password without resetting it in case you’re resetting it just because you’ve forgotten it. I’ll talk more about it later. Let’s reset it first,

Change zadmin Password from CLI

Login to server as root and run following command,

setzadmin –set password

Make sure you replace password with your desired password. And that’s it. You zadmin password is now changed. Now let’s see where you can view zadmin password without changing it.

View zadmin Password from CLI

The password is saved on passwords.txt file on your server. So login to your server as root and open it with your favorite text editor. I use nano,

nano passwords.txt

You’ll find your zadmin password and MySQL root password on this file.

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